Wednesday, April 11, 2012

here comes the sun

A few days ago I went to the newly opened 60s museum at Bokrijk (for those who don't know: it's an open-air museum in Belgium where you can see how life was in the 1800s) and I can definitely recommend it to all you leaving in Belgium or the Netherlands! It's not huge, but it's worth taking a train-ride for on a sunny day!

It's a very interactive museum where you can have loads of fun listening to hits from the 60s, looking what hairdo from that time looks best on you, and lots of other things. At the entrance you get your own passport of a person living in that time (completely styled like the passports in the day, I recognized my grandma's in it!) and you can put it on screens in every room that read the code in the back. That way you can read how the person you got experienced the 60s, it gives a very nice touch to the museum as every visit is different.

Various things from the 60s era are completely rebuild with original furniture like a house, supermarket, hairdresser, pub, ...

If you're under 26, entrance to the museum is only 2 euros, but I recommend you book a place beforehand since the first weeks will be busy!

Don't forget to visit the rest of the open-air museum too! One of the many fun things is the old candy shop in the old rebuild village with some of Belgiums finest candy from back in the day! All of you Belgians will probably recognize what's in my paper bag, right?

The weather was very cold and rainy the day I visited, and since I live nearby I will probably be returning for the rest of the museum on a day with a bit more sun.


  1. Looks like an interesting museum! Such open air museum is new to me, looks def worth a visit!

  2. Oh wat ziet dat er fijn uit! Wij gingen vroeger supervaak naar Bokrijk, (ik woon er dan ook niet zo ver vandaan) maar nu is het echt al lang geleden. Misschien toch nog eens een tripje maken!

  3. likeeeeee your blog dear!
    keep posting girl and go for it <3


  4. ah superleuk die jaren 60 spullen :D

  5. I love your vintage photos! I have no idea what that Belgian candy is but it reminds me of turkish delight, yum! x misstea & co.

  6. aww amazing photos :)
    They are sooo vintage and cute!!

  7. I wanna go there!

    xx from Amsterdam

  8. ahw dat ziet er echt zo leuk uit!!

  9. sounds like a great day out!
    So glad I stumbled across your blog today!!

  10. Sounds like my dream place! Would love to visit! Following x



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