Friday, June 8, 2012


Since I can't really make a decent entry post at the moment, heres all my phone pictures I made lately from what's going on in my life. Only two weeks until' my exams are over!

found this cute little clock on a fleamarket - some new dresses from primark

saw this one on a message-board at school - a lovely little porcelain doll I got from my grandmothers home while cleaning some things out

this birdcage was only 3 euros at action (a great price seeing most of them are 30 euros at other shops) - the jewellery stand i got from my boyfriends mother

a photo I found of my grandparents while cleaning out their house - made a batch of brownies

got into a cooking mood and made scones, chocolate muffins and mini apple strudels

lovely flowers

making a string puppet of this elephant cardboard

wooden earrings from fleamarket, gold triangles from forever 21, bronze pinecones as a gift from a friend

horrible pictures, lovely dresses 
coral midi-dress with floral print from forever 21, denim dress and red floral midi-dress from thrift store

baking scones

made fresh cheesecake, a lovely combo with coffee and strawberries

the delights at dunkin' donuts germany

a friend got me this florence + the machine shirt at pull & bear seeing as i really couldn't make it to antwerp lately...

the thrifted dress i got from pepe jeans!

new shirt with beaded aztec detail from zara, perfect for festivals with bleached denim shorts

an old game from the 60s i found at the thrift store

got some tulips for my desk while studying and listening to coeur de pirate

chinese food!

i got these lovely carnations from my boyfriend right after i got out of the hospital, very thoughtfull

Thursday, May 31, 2012


Hey guys, I'm going to have to apologize for the lack of posts the last month, but unfortunately it'll take another month before I'll have to show you something... a few weeks ago I got very sick with lots of stomach ache days in a row which made me unable to do anything nice, and after seeing a specialist it turned out I had some gallstones in my gallbladder which were blocking everything and they had to remove the bladder in the hospital. It's a very routine operation and it doesn't take long, but the recovery differs from person to person and it's been taking some time with me. I've been laying in my bed for a week and it still hurts when I have to get out of it, and it can take another week before I'm ready to go to school again. My exams also start in a week so untill' the end of June I'll be pretty busy. Sorry for the lack of posts, hope you can forgive me!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

winning days

As you guys may or may not know, the Japanese cherry blossom festival, Hanami, passed a couple of weeks ago. It's held all over Japan in spring and people view the lovely cherry blossom trees that are in bloom in that period. I live very close to a Japanese Garden (for the ones in Belgium: it's in Hasselt) that also celebrates the event and it's amazing to see the whole garden full of pink flowers.

Unfortunately this year I didn't go, since it has been raining for weeks on end. Hopefully next year the weather will be better, but I do have some pictures left from last years Hanami festival when the sun was shining and it was unusually hot for april!

If you want to see the Japanese gardens, they celebrate important Japanese holiday events so it's nice to go on a day like this to see something new! You could go on Children's day in May, or my personal favorite: the star festival Tanabata in July.

You can buy a crane bird for good luck, and it gets added to a string of them in the garden.

Don't forget to bring some food for the massive koi fish!

Friday, April 20, 2012

answer to yourself

A few months ago I went to a flea market where I found this dress with a print of leaves all over it. It was a very cute print but the dress came to my ankles and the collar wasn't pretty at all! So I made it shorter and adjusted the collar to a round one and threw a belt over it, and I'm very happy with the result.

By the way, my camera broke and I have no idea how to fix it. Every time I stick in batteries it keeps saying that the battery is dead even though they're new ones, so I'm forced to take pictures with photobooth right now :(