Monday, January 30, 2012


Woke up this morning and had a lovely cup of tea


And it snowed this night! I've been doubting it would still snow this year since the cold has been out so it was a nice suprise to see everything covered outside when I woke up. I hope it the temperature goes below zero the next couple of days so everything won't melt into a big goo..

My weekendbag's zipper broke so I had to bring it in at the shoemaker but since it was snowing I delayed my plans. I shouldn't have backed it that full!

Had to study again the whole day, but I had a bag of candy with me to keep me company (I'm supposedly on a diet but as you can see it isn't working out haha)

And for dinner I made some delicious tagiatelle with a spinach-cream sauce and salmon bits.

Well I'm going to stay in bed for the rest of the evening since I just went to the nightshop with some friends by foot and I'm covered in snow 'cause everyone thought to suprise me with a little snowball fight... My eyeliner is literally all over the place on my face but that's the price you pay for trusting your friends when there's fresh snow outside! I made a nice cozy corner in my bed though so I don't mind.

atlas hands

Check out this cute video for 'Atlas Hands' by Benjamin Francis Lipswich.
I've had it on repeat all weekend and it's a lovely song,
if you're a fan of Bon Iver, Keaton Henson or Sufjan Stevens you'll like this.

Sunday, January 29, 2012


So I don't really have time for a huge post today since I have to go to work in 20 minutes and once I get back the only thing I'll be willing to do is shower and go to bed! But to get a good start of the day I always make sure I have a nice breakfast.

Try taking some cruesli, mix it with greek yoghurt, and top it off with some red berries (if it isn't the season for strawberries or the like just get a pack of them frozen at your supermarket). You can also try putting some dried bananas under it, almonds, or any other kind of nuts!

I highly recommend it, it's delicious, quickly made, and I promise you won't be hungry for the rest of the morning.

Have a nice sunday!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

today's outfit

Going to the late-night movie screening with my boyfriend. I was in studying all day and I got work tomorrow so I decided I could use a break. For the next outfit photo I'll use a decent camera but since the batteries of mine are flat and I'm kind of in a hurry I used photobooth!

The dress originally came to my ankels but I shortened it, everything is vintage, including my best find ever: the satchel is a real Mulberry!


So I went to my local thrift store a few days ago and found some nice things, including this knitted nordic cardigan, a cute cream vest which will look perfect on high jeans shorts in summer, a cream top with lace sleeves, this cute little stool and some jewelry.

I also got some new books, records and decorations for my room but I'll show them later when I'm not so busy with my sociology coursework.



So I know it's a bit early (it's january for heaven's sake) but I can't help already browsing every shop I know online to look at their spring and summer clothing line and making a wishlist. I can imagine myself wearing these dresses on holiday in Greece or Barcelona (but I have to make sure I don't spend too much so I can still actually afford to make those trips).

You can find the tan heart lock bag, the blue spotty dress and the floral print dress on Topshop along with the brown peeptoe shoes! The bracelet has little pieces of fruit dangling on it and it's from H&M along with the birdy keychain (I just want it because I'll be going for my drivers license this summer and I want a nice keychain to hang on that car key!). The pink spotty dress is from asos and would look amazing with a pair of brown strappy platforms underneath and the pink pleated midi dress is in sale at Jane Norman.

I saw this lush dress on the asos site and it has a wonderful 50s feel to it thanks to the sweetheart neckline and the cute fruitprint. I need to have this in my closet!

It's a nice thing to dream about when the weather outside is constantly grey and you have to study every day, it gives me a little bit of motivation to know that if I work hard enough, summer won't be that far away.