Friday, March 30, 2012


Since I got work all day tomorrow and on sunday I'll be busy going to a flea market and making pancakes, I decided to pack my bags for London already. I'll be leaving sunday night with the cheapest option available: a bus. It's highly uncomfortable and it takes a while (8 hours!), but it's half the price of a Eurostar-ticket.

It wasn't hard at deciding which clothes to wear, since all we'll be having according to the weather forecast is rain, rain, rain; so comfortable is the best option. Think trenchcoat, black pants and loafers. And of course, my faithful friend: the umbrella.

Guess I'll be having some traditional English weather, huh?


  1. ziet er leuk uit! met een trenchcoat zit je altijd goed in engeland ^^

  2. You seriously packed the most perfect items for your trip! Every piece is so classic and versatile; and a trench is the items I always think about bringing when going on a trip! I'm sure you'll look ever so lovely in this outfit ❤

  3. Veel plezier daar! mooie ketting trouwens :)


  4. ziet er mooi uit :) en veel plezier

  5. Oh fijne blog Eline! Amuseer je in Londen (waarschijnlijk ondertss al terug haha)


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