Sunday, February 5, 2012

flea market sunday

At the beginning of the new year I vowed myself to make less purchases this year, but I failed again. I went to some flea markets today and I found some lovely things, but I try to make it better for myself by telling myself I didn't spend that much! In total everything was only 15 euros, minus the candy but that doesn't count... (my other vow was to go on a diet, that isn't working out great either apparently)

Well, tomorrow I'll put a lock on my wallet!

The rose garland was only 5 euros, which I'm happy with because the lampoons on my bed broke and I was looking for one to replace it. I saw some at Urban Outfitters but they were 20 (!) euros. The cushion was only 2,90 and I saw a similar one at H&M home for 15, so I thought these were great bargains. For all you Belgians: I got them at the Zwarte Markt at Tessenderlo. 

I'm a serious candy addict. And at the American Foodstore in Wilrijk you can find some great kinds. You need to watch out though, because everything is pretty overpriced...  

My mom got this shopping bag for me at the local supermarket, you get it for free if you purchase some Campbells. I'm studying at a different city next year and I'm moving out so I could definitely use it + it looks awesome!


  1. Mooie sieraden! En je kamer ziet er ook echt heel leuk uit :D

  2. I love the rose beautiful! I want to make a headband out of something like that soon...


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