Monday, January 30, 2012


Woke up this morning and had a lovely cup of tea


And it snowed this night! I've been doubting it would still snow this year since the cold has been out so it was a nice suprise to see everything covered outside when I woke up. I hope it the temperature goes below zero the next couple of days so everything won't melt into a big goo..

My weekendbag's zipper broke so I had to bring it in at the shoemaker but since it was snowing I delayed my plans. I shouldn't have backed it that full!

Had to study again the whole day, but I had a bag of candy with me to keep me company (I'm supposedly on a diet but as you can see it isn't working out haha)

And for dinner I made some delicious tagiatelle with a spinach-cream sauce and salmon bits.

Well I'm going to stay in bed for the rest of the evening since I just went to the nightshop with some friends by foot and I'm covered in snow 'cause everyone thought to suprise me with a little snowball fight... My eyeliner is literally all over the place on my face but that's the price you pay for trusting your friends when there's fresh snow outside! I made a nice cozy corner in my bed though so I don't mind.


  1. I love the weekend back and the food looks amazing! yum

  2. Love this, your food looks so yummy! x


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