Friday, June 8, 2012


Since I can't really make a decent entry post at the moment, heres all my phone pictures I made lately from what's going on in my life. Only two weeks until' my exams are over!

found this cute little clock on a fleamarket - some new dresses from primark

saw this one on a message-board at school - a lovely little porcelain doll I got from my grandmothers home while cleaning some things out

this birdcage was only 3 euros at action (a great price seeing most of them are 30 euros at other shops) - the jewellery stand i got from my boyfriends mother

a photo I found of my grandparents while cleaning out their house - made a batch of brownies

got into a cooking mood and made scones, chocolate muffins and mini apple strudels

lovely flowers

making a string puppet of this elephant cardboard

wooden earrings from fleamarket, gold triangles from forever 21, bronze pinecones as a gift from a friend

horrible pictures, lovely dresses 
coral midi-dress with floral print from forever 21, denim dress and red floral midi-dress from thrift store

baking scones

made fresh cheesecake, a lovely combo with coffee and strawberries

the delights at dunkin' donuts germany

a friend got me this florence + the machine shirt at pull & bear seeing as i really couldn't make it to antwerp lately...

the thrifted dress i got from pepe jeans!

new shirt with beaded aztec detail from zara, perfect for festivals with bleached denim shorts

an old game from the 60s i found at the thrift store

got some tulips for my desk while studying and listening to coeur de pirate

chinese food!

i got these lovely carnations from my boyfriend right after i got out of the hospital, very thoughtfull


  1. That clock is so cute! Great photos!


  2. Heel leuke post! Fijne dingen ook :). Nog veel succes met leren!

  3. Sooo many photos! All these cookies and cakes look super yummie (u're so talented and I definitely have some new ideas what I could bake next time, hehe) and this thrifted dress from pepe jeans is lovely x

  4. aw, these pics are so nice & cute!
    So if you like we can follow each other :)
    Now i follow you imemdiately, & i hope you can do the same on my blog if you like :)!

    bisous xxx

  5. Lovely pics! That clock is just beautiful

  6. all the food look so delicious, and YOUR EYES omg I don't mean to sound creepy but your eyes are amazing, swap? haha
    good luck for your exams :)

  7. the dresses are sooo cute


  8. Ooooh zo'n fijne foto's!! Wat zijt gij toch een knapperd! Nog veel succes met uw examens!

  9. Wow, I love all of these photos so much! They give a glimpse into your life, and it seems so sweet and pretty. :)

  10. So pretty! Really amazing photos, we love! :)

    ox from NYC!


  11. love these photos! cute dresses, bird accessories, and awesome food? what could be better!


  12. that thrifted dress is so lovely!


  13. ur photos are so cute! love the dressess and earring and food look so yummy!

    xoxo, Eliza
    Bread and Butter Blog
    FrenchToastbyET Jewelry Shop

  14. Beautiful photos! All the flowers are very pretty :) xx


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